It's a Wisconsin Supper Club tradition to visit with friends, neighbors and co-workers for a drink before dinner.  Chef Andy likes to say "What's old is cool again".  His parent's generation enjoyed drinks such as Old Fashioneds, either whiskey or brandy.  That tradition was lost by a generation, but now drinks like the Old Fashioned are in fashion again!  Young professionals and older adults alike are calling Galley 57, "The home of the $3.00 Old Fashioned"*. That's right, every dinner is special at Galley 57 when it kicks off with a home made Old Fashioned.  One of the secrets (not any more) to a great Old Fashioned is the cherry.  Galley 57 uses only the finest cherries.  You won't find a store bought maraschino cherry in your Old Fashioned at Galley 57, rather you will delight in a drink with Wild Italian Amarena cherries.  If you've never tried one, come in for a taste test!

Of course, our bar is loaded with other fine liquors and beers that meet the needs of all.

* Old Fashioneds are specially priced at $3.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.